A start-up company focusing on applied artificial intelligence and machine learning in Big Data deriving from IoT, finance, ad tech, etc.

Who we are

We are a young and talented team composed of software engineers, researchers, business analysts, quality assurance engineers and designers. We share common company vision, working together in an open work space, and adhering to best-practices with a personal that sets us apart from others. Each of us contributes with his own personality and individual qualities, comprising a versatile and complementary team capable of tackling various challenges.

How we work

We use a proven methodology when working on AI related products. See the details below.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

AI doesn't have to be like that. We are here to help you in turning your data and business knowledge into right decisions that can be explained and justified. We mitigate risk by practicing a proven development process split in stages, so you can make a decision how to proceed at the end of each phase. This optimizes cost too by minimizing upfront commitment.