Our products are created by the best-in-class data scientists and software engineers, leveraging latest advances in AI and Software Development.


Magix Bot

An intelligent chat bot solution for Telcos and Banks featuring:

Premium customer support

Knowledable virutal assistant of corporate information

Utilizing public and corporate knowledge bases

Multi-language support

Always learning

Context-aware and data-driven

Personalized, sentiment-aware and goal-oriented

Utilizes corporate and public APIs to provide information and take actions

On-premises or Cloud deployment

Omni-channel (corporate websites and apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber)

Macedonian Stock Exchange Analyzer


Collect, integrate and enrich data from the Macedonian Stock Exchange

Identifies Patterns and Trends

Performs Deep Learning-based Analysis

Management of investment portfolio

Swing Trading Suggestions

Long-term analysis

Correlations with world markets


Magix Predictor

A plug-and-play machine learning engine that: 

Analyzes and learns from arbitrary time-series data

Simplifies data science with automatic feature engineering and selection

Domain-agnostic application, ranging from customer or machine triggered events, to sensory data

Detects patterns, anomalies and outliers

Root cause analysis

Automatic evaluation of hundreds of thousands of features and models

Explains decisions and predictions


Magix Integrator

Simplifies data integration from variety of sources

Automatic data type recognition and matching

Semantic recognition and tagging

ML-based recognition of relationships between entities

Generation of integration SQL scripts

Deployable in-house or on the cloud

Applicable to Big or Small Data

Reducing data mart creation effort from months to days

Creation of consumption-ready dimensional models

Preparing data marts ready for machine learning