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We are a dynamic and progressive team, composed of Ph.D. level experts, software engineers, researchers, business analysts, quality assurance, and designers. We share a common purpose, “to help companies understand their data and grow their business”.

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Our core competences

Putting our competitive advantage first, we are focused on DATA, and we are able to cover all data-related areas.

Data Analytics

Analyzing streaming and at rest data in near real-time to provide instant insights.

Data Warehousing

Processing relational and Big Databases to provide Data Marts and Data Warehouses.

Artificial Intelligence

Design AI solutions that leverage state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning techniques to provide new values to your business.

AI Solutions across numerous industries

Our Service

We at Magix.AI provide intelligent solutions for our customers and support them with our best-in-class data scientists and software engineers.

Take a look at the list below for potential services that could interest you.


Finance, Telco, Insurance


Predictive Maintenance


Marketing and Advertising



Leveraging latest advances in AI and Software Development


When we face a common client challenge, we go a step further and develop a product. Thus it may serve a wider audience, in a more affordable way.

Focusing exclusively on solving problems that matter, we have developed the product below:

Magic Box
An intelligent chatbot solution for Telcos and Banks featuring:
  • Premium customer support
  • Knowledgeable virtual assistant of corporate information
  • Utilizing public and corporate knowledge bases
  • Multi-language support
  • Always learning
  • Context-aware and data-driven
  • Personalized, sentiment-aware and goal-oriented
  • Utilizes corporate and public APIs to provide information and take actions
  • On-premises or cloud deployment
  • Omni-channel (corporate websites and apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber)
Stock Exchange Analyzer
The Macedonian Stock Exchange analyzer automatically integrates the data from the Macedonian Stock Exchange, provides a variety of visualizations of the daily trades, and provides predictions of future trends.

It uses technical analysis using state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to find patterns in the data to help you with your investment strategy.


  • Collect, integrate and enrich data from the Macedonian Stock Exchange
  • Identifies patterns and trends
  • Performs deep learning-based analysis
  • Management of investment portfolio
  • Swing trading suggestions
  • Long-term analysis
  • Correlations with world markets
  • Utilizes corporate and public APIs to provide information and take actions

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Magix Predictor

Magix Predictor is a tool that automates feature extraction, feature selection, and model building. With it, users can focus on providing the dataset while the tool finds the optimal ways to extract knowledge and provide insightful predictions.

Data science effort is reduced to hours instead of months, which is essential for building Proofs-of-concept and exploring the predictability of the data for your business problems

A plug-and-play machine learning engine that:


  • Analyzes and learns from arbitrary time-series data
  • Simplifies data science with automatic feature engineering and selection
  • Domain-agnostic applications, ranging from a customer or machine-triggered events to sensory data
  • Detects patterns, anomalies, and outliers
  • Root cause analysis
  • Automatic evaluation of hundreds of thousands of features and models
  • Explains decisions and predictions
  • Utilizes corporate and public APIs to provide information and take actions
Magix Integrator

Magix Integrator performs the tedious and repetitive Extract-Transform-Load tasks for you.
You need to provide the data sources, and the tool finds the best ways to integrate them, creating an ER model and ready-to-use data marts.

  • Simplifies data integration from a variety of sources
  • Automatic data type recognition and matching
  • Semantic recognition and tagging
  • ML-based recognition of relationships between entities
  • Generation of integration SQL scripts
  • Deployable in-house or on the cloud
  • Applicable to big or small data
  • Reducing Data Mart creation effort from months to days
  • Creation of consumption-ready dimensional models
  • Preparing Data Marts for Machine Learning

We work with a wide variety of industries & users

Our Approach

We use a proven methodology when working on AI related products in order to ensure the delivery of stable and secure results.

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