Gender Equality and Diversity

Fairness, Inclussion, Diversity

Equal opportunities

We, at Magix.AI, are treating all of our employees with equal rights and opportunities regardless of their gender.

– We don’t decrement in any manner and show fairness, respect, and dignity in all of our actions and decisions.

– There are no roles within the company that is gender specific.

– We educate and have special training for all our employees in order to ensure a Discrimination – Free environment 


Growth for all

Continuously striving to attain increased gender equality and to maintain and achieve equal treatment of everyone within the Magix.AI office, as well as among its interns.



Magix.AI’s zero-tolerance policy is a serious policy in our organization. Should any member, a head of a department, an employee, or an intern report any event of discrimination or harassment, whether observed explicitly or indirectly as part of structures and processes, action should be taken.


Work-life balance

We pay attention to any issues around positive work/life balance, such as the option of flexible working hours, parental and family leave, meeting practices, and other aspects impacting on work/life balance.


Trainings, Progression, Career path

Starting from the onboarding process of recruitment, all our candidates follow a transparent journey that involves gender equality expertise. This way, we support open policy and advertising that sets our benchmark standards high, so progression and career path are just following the same manner of openness. 

Action plan 2021 – 2024

1. Improve Fairness and transparency and prevent discrimination

Everyone who works or studies at Magix.AI should be able to easily find information on gender equality and equal treatment, whether it concerns gender, gender identity and orientation (LGBTQIA), ethnic background, religion or other beliefs, any disabilities or age. Everyone should also know what they can do if they experience or witness discrimination, or harassment or are not being treated equally. 

WHAT: increase awareness and promote GEP policy 

HOW: GEP, reviews web page statement, e-mail distribution, and organize webinar sessions where 

WHO: HR department

Measurement: #Number of page visits, #Number of sessions, #Number of attendees

2. Increase Leadership awareness and Company communication

Our management team is the driving force in our organization and we believe that the impact of any action is stronger if their true involvement is present. They should be equally supporting all of our GEP actions, aware of any incidents, and freely discussing them so new initiatives can be created.

WHAT: We aim to have a management team that is aware of the topic and freely discusses it in a safe space.

HOW: The management team has a special chat group using a Slack #channel that talks Freely about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging topics. This space is an informal way where each member can freely talk about those topics, and give initiatives and all of the leadership team can be aware.

WHO: Managing Director

Measurement: #Number of topics initiated, #Number of people active in discussion

3. Empower equal collaboration and career growth

Collaboration among employees and fair promotion of candidates is a way how our company grows healthy. This is how we see it now and a future place where anybody can grow and fulfill their purpose by achieving goals through collaboration and unbiased promotions.

WHAT: We want to see every employee included in the actions of collaboration.

HOW: The equality representative will be commencing cooperation to support each other’s activities and goals and discuss how they can be intensified, with the aim of creating permanent cooperation in a gender-neutral way.

WHO: HR department 

Measurement: #Number of collaborations, #Gender ration in collaborations #Promotion gender ration 

Follow Up 

At the end of the 2020–2024 period, at the latest, each of the task holders will be reporting the progress to all our employees. The report can be attached to the forthcoming Gender Equality Plan for 2024 –2027.

Talk with an Expert 

If you want a 1:1 session about any of those topics, or misuse or you want to report an event, please contact us.